Tank Decoys and Targets

i2k Defense can manufacture any tank as an inflatable replica for decoy and target use. Browse tanks from our collection or talk to us about your customization needs.

Inflatable T-72 Tank

  • Main Soviet battle tanks.
  • Modernized in 2010 as a third-generation battle tank.
  • Widely exported and utilized in multiple conflicts.

Inflatable M1 Abrams Tank

  • Main battle tank of the United States Army and Marine Corps.
  • Innovative features including a multifuel turbine engine and sophisticated composite armor.
  • Deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Inflatable 2K22 Tunguska (SA-19 Grison) Tank

  • 2K22 Tunguska tank identified by NATO as a SA-19 Grison.
  • Russian tracked self-propelled anti-aircraft weapon with surface-to-air guns and missiles.
  • Currently operated by India, Russia, Ukraine and others.

Inflatable ZSU-23-4 Shilka

  • Soviet-era lightly armored self-propelled, radar-guided, anti-aircraft tank.
  • Unique for its multiple autocannons.
  • In service since 1960; several modernized variants produced since the late 1990s by Belarus, India, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia and Ukraine.

Inflatable BMP-2 Tank

  • Widely used former second-generation Soviet amphibious tank.
  • Features an enlarged, two-man turret.
  • Current variations operated by over two dozen countries, most notably Belarus, India, Iran, Russia and Ukraine.

Inflatable BMP-3 Tank

  • Inflatable Tank Replica

Inflatable T-90 Tank

  • Inflatable Tank Replica

ZBD-5 Amphibious Tank

  • Inflatable Tank Replica

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From American battle tanks and Russian weapons vehicles to Soviet-era missile launchers and F-22 jets, we’ve produced a wide array of military decoys and targets.

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We've been creating full-scale inflatables for over 25 years right here in the United States. Our expertise enables us to customize replicas for all military machineries.

i2k Defense can design and manufacture inflatable tanks, transport vehicles and other military equipment that matches any required specifications.

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